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As someone actually in the dating scene, you will rarely find young professionals outside of downtown Tampa or St Pete.

The further out you get, the more blue collar it is. A lot of people around here use both apps and meeting people in person. There are some singles events that are usually posted here or on Facebook. You have two universities, so there is a mix of college students and recent grads available depending on your age.

I'm so confused, haha! I mean, I go to the gym regularly, but I'm not competing or anything just trying to stay trim and healthy. I certainly don't mention it like it's a hobby or anything waaaaaaaaay too boring and unfun to call it a hobby or take pictures of myself there. Thanks for the reccos on areas. Been to Ybor once a while ago. I'll be out there the beginning of April, then over to visit my dad in Daytona.

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I'll scope some stuff out. The west coast has been way more friendly and open than the east. Please get on tinder and the other dating apps and try to prove I am wrong. My age range is and I am near downtown at the moment. I'm just at the point where I'm looking to find someone for the foreseeable future, maybe get married, have kids I ain't getting any younger, haha.


I don't want to wind up somewhere where it's hopeless on that front like here, for instance. That wouldn't be a good balance. It's a shame that's not Tampa from what I'm hearing. Guess I should rethink it. Thanks for the tips. I miss meeting people out in "the scene" around here, but it tanked during the years I was living in Portland, OR.

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I just need to get outta Dodge. I've always liked it when I visited, but I wasn't trying to meet women there for sure. Don't let it detract you, it sucks that it's a shallow ground but you can find a needle in the haystack. I would say that tinder and other services like that are where you should be. That is where I met mine. See, Tinder and Bumble around here is like shouting into the void. The only women that seem to be single are mostly super-pretty, always dressed to the nines, Scottsdale girls Really overweight, crazies, extremely religious, single moms There are almost zero relatively normal, cute, girl-next-door types around here.

I can right swipe the Kardashian contingent until wear though my already calloused guitar fingers, but I ain't up to any of their standards obviously. I'm pretty sure most anywhere other than Alaska would be better for meeting people than Phoenix, haha! I've lived in Dallas, Missouri, Georgia, but none of them are that uppity, florida just breads it unfortunately. Find a harmonious match: Looking for a classic date? Check out our top Tampa date ideas in the section below. Looking for dating outside Tampa? Read up on our other Florida dating tips: Or find many more US cities over on our local dating page!

If you've got a first date planned, it's best to pick a venue that will make you feel relaxed and happy - all the better to focus on your date. Felicitous Coffee on 51st is the perfect choice. A truly friendly spot with bright, 60s-inspired decor, you'll feel at home from the minute you walk in. Make sure to order the Floridian - coffee with a hint of orange, it's like drinking sunshine.

If you want something stronger, head for Fly Bar.

The rooftop setup is really romantic - think great views and glowing string lights. The craft cocktail list here is among Tampa's best, and the wine list is delicious - and they also have a fantastic food menu ideal for soaking up those cocktails! It's all you need for a top Tampa date night. Making the most of Tampa dating means making the most of the beaches and the Florida sunshine. Take a drive with your date out to Clearwater Beach: You might even end up on Honeymoon Island, if you catch our drift!

It seems pretty easy to meet people at the gym, grocery store, bar, etc.

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Also found it really easy to meet people when I did club sports too. However, I did hear stats that over half of Tampa's adults are single, so maybe that's a bad sign regarding the dating scene? Maybe if you define adult as 16 to 18 year olds. Rest are married, widowed, divorced. So go find you a rich old cougar or stud muffin. You ought to be able to find one or two I would think. The bigger problem is your gonna look real dorky wearing snowshoes and trying to drive that snowmobile on the beach. A new wardrobe will be required. Your futures so bright, your gonna need shades. I am a 28 year old single guy People in Tampa strike me as kind of flakey, but the scene is good and the people are pretty.

A dating site will not provide you a true depection of what the singles scene here is like. It is different than anywhere I have lived. If you are fit, trendy, and decent looking, you'll be fine in SoHo, which can be rather competitive.


Outlying suburbs and St Pete have a less trendy scene. You really need to see the area and get a feel for it to determine where you are going to fit in, and there is a spot for everyone.

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  • I personally love SoHo, although at the age of 28 I wouldnt mind dating someone for real. SoHo doesnt seem to be the spot to find a "girlfriend". Put on your six pack, affliction shirt, some gel and you should be fine at Soho bars, otherwise bring your own date Join sports club to meet some new people, they are friendly around here and if you are not the shy type, you should have no issues finding someone to hang out with.