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All data collected in the survey is anonymous. About Team Advertise Jobs Contact. I have sent DOZENS of mails to their support but they do not even respond, iow users and their issues get to be utterly ignored. Those running it are clearly crooks, and if I could I'd sue them for harassment. Not only do you have to pay to subscribe, you have to pay extra if you want to filter who can contact you witch is totally wrong, it should be included as part of your subscription, im getting sick of women outside of my age and country looking at my profile, adding me to faves etc.

As others have mentioned there is this new rejection system witch you will get used to getting in no time,i also know of a friend who got scammed but recovered his money through a hacker,in case you need him his gmail his matthewrice This is the last time im going to use the site, im moving on to other dating sites. Shocking scam site.

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Full of fake profiles, sexual depravities, raging abuse, stolen identities. Huge amount of Nigerian scammers on Twoo trying to obtain illegal money. Be very guarded. Block and report anything suspicious.

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Sites provide some scam using payments 2. A lot of spammers sending links 3. Waste of time. This site twoo has so many spams. Everyone i talked was not real.

They have the same line "dear, itune card, lost their parents in car accident, using hangout, using other people pics etc On top it blocks you for no valid reason, just for obliging you to subscribe to a hugher paying level Twoo is nothing but the other face of Zorpia. Twoo was bought out by Zorpia, which is owned by some nefarious Chinese scamsters based in Hong Kong. Both Twoo and Zorpia are SCAM operations, with literally zillions of fake accounts created by the people at Zorpia based on stolen photos and identities.

Most of the profiles are so blatantly fake as to be laughable, with some of the prostitutes openly displaying their Whatsapp numbers. Any complaint by you results in either complete silence, or a pithy response from some "representative" with a fake European name and photo, or YOU being blocked!

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They will block you even after taking your money! You are advised to stay away from both these fraudulent websites, as the owners themselves are scamsters and cheaters. The Chinese seem to have done a great job of becoming expert scamsters. I am a person that observes and most fotos come from facebook? Last year I had several calls from a female with a no number I asked where she got me from LinkedIn.

Getting emails from a dating site you never signed up for? Twoo probably used your identity

She offered me a job 4 hours a day where my computer would be linked to them and all I would have to do is follow their instructions. Because you live in Spain and speak Spanish as you can guess I said no every time she called. Twoo is only for men and women seeking sex. Women exteact money from men and do not offer any kind of service. Beware about this site. Never even heard of this site until I got an email saying I tried to log in to Twoo.

I didn't as I had never even heard of the site until yesterday. One of my friends also claims he got an email apparently from me but really not at around the same time.

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Eager to hear your feedback! We've worked long to completely build the iOS app from the ground up. The app has been built by a very small team so we're super proud to hear that users seem to love it!

Yes, it has the Tinder game in it, but it's far less superficial as we have a very nicely put together Search functionality where you can exactly find the people you're interested in. Near you, far away, whatever you please. Chatting is mostly free, but since you don't need to 'Match' to be able to chat to users, we do have some paywalls in there to both protect our users and of course, make some money as a company let's not be hypocritical here.