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But he very much feels he is a different person," a source told People. An anonymous insider told People that Gomez never really got over Bieber the first time they dated. When they aren't busy going on romantic bike rides, they're out holding hands and strolling around L. A fan spotted the two taking a walk, and while the date on the photo seems to be up for debate, Gomez's smile sure isn't.

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Fans flipped when an eyebrow-raising photo of Gomez and Bieber started circulating after she attended another one of his hockey games. In the picture, Gomez is leaning over hockey boards at an ice rink after Bieber's game, and the two are definitely kissing. A Jelena kiss in , who would've thought? Word leaked that Bieber and Gomez spent Thanksgiving apart, but they had a good reason for it.

Her family is still getting comfortable with the idea of them back together," a source said. No word yet on whether a Jelena Christmas moment will happen, but we'll be crossing our fingers for it. Jelena is "keeping the faith" very literally. The on-and-off couple didn't spend Thanksgiving together, but they did reunite shortly after in order to attend church. They arrived separately to the service and kept things casual, so while there aren't any cute couple photos to look through, it's still sweet that they're spending time together. The two had remained tight-lipped about their reconciliation until Gomez's Billboard Woman of the Year cover interview , where she spilled the beans on why things with Bieber are different this time around.

I cherish people who have really impacted my life," she said. But that doesn't mean caring for someone ever goes away. Gomez's mom Mandy is not a big fan of the Jelena reunion.

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She reportedly went to the hospital because of stress, and a source let it slip that Gomez and Teefey might be fighting about the Jelena reconciliation. But he is adamant that he has changed and is a better boyfriend now. He will keep trying to prove himself to her family. He is sad that her mom is not doing well. He wants Selena to be happy. To make matters worse, Gomez and Teefey have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and sources say they are not currently speaking to each other—but not just because of Bieber. The duo arrived in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico together with a group of friends, and they spent the holiday together.

They did not take any photos together, but we bet they had a nice time anyway. It looks like they might spend another holiday together. Bieber and Gomez kicked off Valentine's Day celebrations early on Laguna Beach by lounging poolside and cuddling together while looking out at the ocean.

June 2017: A Selena and Justin duet reportedly leaked on Soundcloud

They also stayed overnight at the resort, according to a People source. Love is in the air, and it isn't limited to Valentine's Day. After spending the holiday together, Bieber flew to Texas to pick up Gomez on the way to the Caribbean on Feb. But in the moment, it's all about that guy.

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And if you're Selena Gomez , and the world was along for the ride when you first fell in love, it doesn't even matter if you're not with him anymore. That's not relegated to just super-young love either. Ask Jennifer Aniston about the world getting hung up on yesterday's relationship.


Selena Gomez Says She's Dating – But with Some Hesitation: 'I Don't Trust Anybody'

Selena, on the other hand, had it rough. Despite initially breaking up in , tales of their indecision—be it instigated by her or him—became the stuff of young Hollywood legend. Jelena was no more, but Jelena also wouldn't quit.

And he just turned 23 in March. Bieber's still a baby.

The Real Reason Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Called It Quits

He makes Selena, who'll be 25 in July, look like a seasoned veteran at the game of life in comparison—and she has every right to feel that way, after all she's already been through. Since entering young adulthood, Selena had been using up her emotional energy on And she certainly didn't have time for But it didn't take long fans probably needed a little reassurance that this wasn't just a fling for Selena and the only recently single singer, who'd dated Bella Hadid off and on for two years before Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were the new everything couple.

We all knew that, at some point in her life, perhaps even in the not-too-distant future, Gomez would be untethered once and for all from Justin Bieber, the great love of her late teens who, while under the guise of still being a caring friend, turned into the source of much heartache in her early 20s. When you're living it, however, that relationship, and its aftermath, seems like all there is.

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Jelena shippers felt the same way. It just so happens that The Weeknd came along and helped take care of what time would have accomplished eventually. They both approached their new situation cautiously.

A source told E! News that the "Can't Feel My Face" singer had always had a bit of a thing for Selena, but neither was looking for a relationship when their paths crossed late last year. I haven't had that feeling in awhile. Selena admitted to Z's Elvis Duran that she tends to "take in everyone's energy" on the road, which can make for an overwhelming experience.